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Information om Thailand
2004 - 2005
This is about our first journey to Thailand. We landed on Phuket it 23-12-04 and be to be there for 14 days. It was our first turn to Thailand and the journey took place with the Turkey expert like an ordinary package holiday. We quickly however found out about that it wasn't just us just to be on Phuket, but that we wanted to see more of Thailand. Therefore we went to a local tour operator that suggested us to take a couple of days to Similan Island that consists of 9 islands and has been known in order to be one among the world's 10 best places to dive/snorkel. The departure  that took place it 26.12.04 early in the morning where we should sail from Khao Lak, shortly after we had sailed from the harbour in Khao Lak, occurred Tsunarmien, so that we survived because we were managed to result in the water. We could first come in country in the evening and we got quite a shock for we weren't aware of how bad it was. After a couple of days at a camp where they gathered they survivingly we came back to Karon where we could at once see, there we couldn't stay. Unfortunately we got no help from the Turkey- expert, so that we agreed on travelling away independently. We therefore took in a bus to Phuket Town where we got on another bus to Surat Thani, where we found a local tour operator that helped us with getting a hut on Koh Samui. There we had some lovely quiet and calm days. We made a local fisherman sail us an day trip where we among other things came to a small island that is called Koh Malaeng Pong where we met some other tourists who invited us to eat barbecue together with them on the beach, it was so cosy simply. After having driven the island thin on a moped took we a boat in to the mainland where we landed in Don Sak. When we stood there we made the mistake to pay for a hut we had not seen, it you must not do, but we were transported to a small small town that is called Khanom. We stayed one night in the hut and found out quickly about that it probably not was there we had to live, so that we hired a moped and went for a drive around in the area and finds a magnificent place where we moved over. There we were, to we had to go back to Phuket in order to travel home to Denmark. We have on purpose not written about our experiences the first days after Tsunarmien, but we are deeply grateful over coming home without injuries and we got a fantastic reception in Billund Airport that gave us everything the help we could wish of the crisis team who had been stacked on the legs. Turkey- the expert didn't we look anything after at all.
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