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Thailand 2006

Here we bought a journey from a little travel agency in Slagelse, we bought only flight tickets and 2 overnight stays in a Hotel in Bangkok, it was lucky we brought they staying the nights along for they went bankruptcy a week before we had to leave, thus were now good advice expensive we had everything clear to travel for 6 weeks and. Well but we contacted Jysk travel agency and they did everything what stood within their power in order to help us, and it was a success even to almost the same price. We travelled from Billund on February 6th 2006 with China Airline through Amsterdam and had to go home again on March 18th 2006. We had bought 2 overnight stays in Bangkok in Jysk travel agency own Hotel, it was okay, but nothing to write home about. We had planned that we'd start with going northwards only and finish the journey south. In this context it was quite lovely with Jysk travel agency Hotel such as base, here we could leave our suitcase with everybody they things we only needed in the southern, after this we could then be content with stowing it away in our backpack that we needed in the northern, where you have to bring a little warmer clothes, because it's cold at night.

Travel courses:

Plane from Bangkok to Chiang Rai

We had bought tickets away from home from Air Asia and had just printed an order confirmation that we just got per mail, so that we were well enough a little anxious to know whether it worked, that did it without problems. It cheaply was the price were only about 200 DKK per person. From the airport we took in a taxi to the town where we got a little to eat, and the owner of the little eating place was so sweet that he ran us and our backpack down to the river.

River boat from Chiang Rai to Akka Hill

Here we were dropped off in the river at some heat sources and from there were to be 3 km. up to the village,but which were double saw far and the were a lot of hard trip with backpack, but we did it (even though Gitte thought her last hour were put). It was worth the trip, because it was beautifully. We were there 2 days and took a lot pictures, and in the morning February 11th we were driven down to the bus station and from there we went on along with

Local bus to Mae Sai

To 60 Bath for 2 people, the bus was complete taken up, so that we got up packed like sardines in a can for those 1 1/2 hour the trip lasted. There we lived 2 days on that small place that was called Maesai Guesthouse, which lay all the way down to the river between Thailand and Burma. We got the son on our Guesthouse drive for us the day after we came, for instance to the Golden Triangle where you must have a photo from, a boat trip on Mekong the river and a small trip to Laos it also came about. After this we took from Maesai Guesthouse and took one

Wip bus for Chiang Mai

That cost 300 Bath for 2 people (remember carpet that are aircon). Chiang Mai was very lively and there was a little too much traffic, so that there we to didn't want stay there, therefore we

Rented car against Pai

We gave 700 Bath per day. We drove to it became dark then we stayed overnight on Mokfah Resort in a small bungalow to 350 Bath per day. It was an incredibly fancy trip up through the mountains, but you have really to fit on the start for they drive in the "wrong" side and that is what has you have to get used to. Pai is an old 60ér town, it's really like going back 30 years in time, and everything is so relaxed. We found a small family resort that was called Contryside the man was Dutch and the wife was Thai it cost 400 Bath per day, we stayed 4 days after which we

Drove back to Chiang Mai where we delivered the car and took a

Night train for Bangkok

Like is a good way to travel on, because one doesn't waste time and saves a staying the night. That cost Bath 1560 for both of us and we had a fashionable space in a sleeping car. The breakfast cannot be recommended. When we arrived in Bangkok we took down to Jysk travel agency where we changed our luggage to swimsuit etc, after that we brought a taxi to the airport and with

Plane to Phuket

That cost 3600 Baths for us both. We went to Kata Noi where we lived a couple of days at Kata Noi Club all the way down at the end of the main street. In the evening we made a trip in the town in order to eat, and forgot our camera at the restaurant. 1 hour after discovered we that we had forgotten the, (Ken's Nikon D70) fallen down looked back and as soon as the saw us smiled and pointed at the bag that they had kept fore us. No where was it lovely that they are so honest, think if we had lost everybody they photo Ken had taken. Well after a couple of days it's time to travel further with

A local bus to Puket PangBang and from there with a large longtail a cargo steams to Koh Yao Noi

That cost 80 Bath. Lived on Koh Yao Beach Bungalow. First night 800 Bath cost and the subsequent nights 500 Bath cost. It was a lovely place, but there however wasn't anything at the bathing beach. But the view was beautiful; you could see 10-11 other islands at the national park east of us. 2. Day hired we a boat for a day to 1500 Bath, we sailed around at the national park there,  Koh Hong and 4 other small islands. On Koh Hong we met an enormous spider, a very big Monitor lizard and Peter Mygin and family. the following day rented we a motorbike and driven round on the island, we flatted on the rear wheel and had to pull, but were we saw lucky that meeting- a, which could patch up the, afterwards only 5 min. he only wants  20 Bath (3 DKK). We stayed 3 days on Koh Yao and paid for 4000 Bath in all, for a rent with a boat, a motorbike, staying the night, food and drink as well as transport to the ferry it was simply so cheaply. then we went with

longtail to Krabi, which only cost Bath 160 for us both and from there directly further with

Ferry for Koh Phi Phi

That cost 600 Bath for us both, were fetched by a longtail at the harbour and left for Long Beach where we had booked us in on Paradise Perl Resort, through a man on Krabi. Bungalow completely down on the beach with aircon to 1800 Bath per day. You can go to the town from Long Beach, it's a lovely trip when it's day time, but dangerous when it's dark, you have to sail back. 2. day took we with on a boat trip more Phi Phi Leh where we stopped and snorkel and among other things on Maya Lagoon (together with a million others tourists) but incredible beautiful. The trip costs 700 Bath for us both and this were incl. lunch, lovely trip, but we recommend still that you rent your own longtail for a day. 3. Day we will move to a cheaper bungalow 900 Bath per day the only difference is that there isn't any aircon we anyhow do not use, but still the same Resort. We rent a longtail and sail out to the south side of Phi Phi Leh for instance in a small bay, it's one of the best places we have seen, and there weren't so many other tourists. The rest of time on Phi Phi was just relaxation. 5 days turned into so took we one

Ferry to Krabi

After that 1 hour's drive to the next ferry for Koh Lanta, where we checked in on the Greens Guarden to 500 Bath. It was a quietly place with a fine bathing beach, but already next morning we however went on with

Ferry from Lanta to Koh Kradan

We lived on Paradise Resort to 1200 Bath per day, it was fine huts, but their food wasn't particularly good. Saw we found another place to eat (which are only 2 places on the whole island). 2. Day we hired a canoe and were took a trip all the way around the island, it was hard but lovely for there are many small bathing beaches where you can hold break and where there aren't other human beings at all. After 4 days we went on with longtail to Trang and from there with

Train to Surathani

100 Bath per piece there we got the day to go before we took a night ferry to Koh Tao to 500 Bath per a ticket. On Koh Tao we had rented a bungalow on Coral view Resort to 700 Bath per day. Here they had a diver instructor who is connected with the hotel, so that there agreed us on taking diver certificate. The water straight on for our hotel were fantastic and we swum with correctly many sharks (Black-tipped reef Shark) the were well enough exciting, you are being complete fascinated of these elegant animals, and when one first have got one's heart down on place again, you can not get enough of them. We stayed on Koh Tao for 10 days and travelled with a ferry to Chumprum and from there with

Bus to Hua Hin

Where we stayed in 2 days on a lovely hotel (with hot water and bath tub) after that, we took with train back to Bangkok, it was a trip in about 4 hours. After 1 night more it went home too little Denmark again. It was a magnificent journey round in Thailand with backpack, where we managed to take a lot photo that in can see by clicking on gallery.

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