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Information om Thailand
2006 - 2007

Thailand December 12th 2006 - January 12th 2007.

We arrived in Bangkok on January 12th where we had ordered 2 days at Royal Hotel that lies for 5 Min... walk from Kao San Road. It's an old hotel, but however quite good for the price. We had away from home decided that we'd use some day in Bangkok where did want to go as the dentist and have made our well used teeth. We saved actual as much on the tooth doctor's bill that the paid our entire journey, saw the can well we recommend, if one have a part that have to we make (crown and the kinds'). They are much more modern than the dentists in Denmark, we were at Bangkok Dental Group, who lay in a side street to Siam Square. (Bangkokdental.com). and them we can hotly recommend if there were to be some that were to feel like a "free" holiday. We used some hours as already mentioned the next days with the dentist, but the rest of time used we, who in can look in our pictures, at a lot of all the fantastic places that are to see in Bangkok.

On December 16th we bought a train from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, that takes almost 3   hours, and is a magnificent trip, you can quietly travel 2. class, it's so cosy just and one comes easily in talk with many people. When we arrived to Kanchanaburi we went from the train station right across the road where we found a little eating place that put we our backpack, while we went a trip around on the errands before we had to go further with the bus to River Kwai Village, where we had ordered a couple of staying the nights, that can also hotly be recommended. We managed to arrange a sail on River Kwai that lay right below the hotel. It was a magnificent trip that took all day and we came in country in several places, where we visited Lawa Cave and Saiyok waterfall among other things.

On December 18th we took back the bus to Kanchanaburi, where we lived on that small place that was called Bamboo House, that lay completely down at the river and 5 min. walk from the Bridge over the river Kwai and near the museum. We have lived better, but also decided worse, so that it was okay. The following day we hired a car and drove around in the area and were out among other things and see Erawan Waterfall.

According to the breakfast December 20th started we the car the course towards Burma put, we had not decided where far we'd drive but just see where the fate would lead us over. Then we driven got we suddenly eye- on a lot of beautiful Wat (Sunanthawanaran) up on a hill, which stayed we in agreement over that had to up, no sooner said than done. We were a little anxious to know whether you thus just could drive in on their area, so that we became a little nervous when a monk came towards us straight when we had put the car, but that was what we didn't have press, he was so sweet and would like to very talk. We were shown round everywhere at the temple and it almost wasn't to come from there again. It became almost dark so that we had to take place a to sleep, we came across a sign to Phatad Valley Hotspring Resort, thus there went we faster, it remained to be seen that they only just had taken over the place, and it therefore was openly not for customers still. (but we are well in Thailand), saw the opened of course the whole hotel for us, which weren't others at all, but service the got we, the owner called even afterwards some family- that came and entertained us with sang and music more the food. It was a special experience, an enormous Hotel entirely for us, we felt almost as kings and queens.

Next day we drove on and landed in Sangkhlaburi where we took place a lovely that was called P.guesthouse, that lay completely down at a large lake that has been made by reclaiming a great area where there earlier was a village, the village still is situated down in the lake and you can see a temple where towered and the top bricklayer still lie over water, while the rest is under water. There also stick Trees up around in the lake it looks very special. Across the lake are that an ancient wooden bridge that are Thailand's longest wooden bridge, but the are well enough in badly condition saw one can no longer driver's- over the in car, only go (a lot of carefully). Sangkhlaburi almost lies completely up at the border to Burma, it's an incredibly beautiful area, that completely clearly is recommended to visit and P.guesthouse is also completely wildly pleasant, worth so absolute a trip. We stayed for 2 days and spent time to sail a trip on the lake and otherwise just enjoy the beautiful area.

Then go the trip back against Kanchanaburi where we visit Death Railway and the Tiger-temple to the road, unfortunately we have later learned that the animals are abused at the temple, so that from all visit is dissuaded. But when we were there we didn't show it, otherwise we had not visited the temple. We had to go back and deliver the car, and took so that a single staying the night on Jolly Frog, who is a correctly well old place for backpack passenger, mostly young people, who are cheap but absolute also okay and the food is good.

On December 24th we drove with the train back to Bangkok, where we lived on Samran Place, which lies 5 min. go distance from the dentist. We had ordered time till Dec. 25th, where we had to have made the rest off our teeth and have taken impressions to some crowns, it brought along open mouth 8 lessons but, we also was ready to go on the following day where we had to fly southwards and to have on the beach the last 14 days.

On Dec. 26th we took a plane to Krabi and from there we took out to Ao Nang where we lived 3 days on an although place, that we unfortunately cannot remember the name on. The following day we went on a canoe trip that unfortunately entirely didn't live up to our expectations that were used too much time to look at crabs and other small animals, but some of the ones that were along seemed this were very exciting, thus is it consequently just when one goes on a trip with a lot other tourists, we will recommend that one makes one's own trips possibly together with a guide.

On Dec. 28th we drove to Krabi again and took a ferry to Koh Sukorn, where we stayed overnight one day at Sukorn Beach Bungalows, where they only had space one single night, and they weren't particularly hospitable, so that we moved farther on of the beach to Koh Sukorn Resort, where they were much more hospitable and sweet that is what can hotly be recommended. We lived there from Dec. 29th to Jan. 3rd Sukorn can hotly be recommended it, is a lovely quiet and calm island that isn't so frightfully many "white legs".

On Jan. 3rd we left on for Koh Muk where we lived on Sawaddee Resort, who again was a quite lovely place, farther rid the beach was a large Resort of Swimming pool and this, were the reason why we almost had the entire magnificent beach for us. We never will know why human beings prefer a Pool to the most wonderful sandy beach with chalk-white sand and completely turquoise blue water. On Koh word is there a cave you can swim into when it's shallow, it's called Morakot Cave, and is completely fantastically beautiful. One swim in through some 80 m tall complete dark cave and when one comes through the cave one is sudden on a fantastically beautiful beach totally surrounded by cliffs. That is to be experienced. We became very unhappy about seeing the way one has treated the inhabitants on after the Tsunami, they have got no relief, in defiance of that they actually lost their entire fish navy and many of their home by and large. The only thing they do for them is to force them away from the beach, where they have always lived. They have decided that they are to move farther in on the island in the Mangrove, if they want to have help for to rebuild their houses. It's well because one wishes to use the beaches for distinguished hotels instead of fishing villages. Has to go in a trip to Koh Muk, then get a local fisherman to sail yourselves a trip around and snorkel/fish, they need the money so that they can build new fishing boats.

On Jan. 6th we left for Koh Lanta where we varied to a ferry that went to Phi Phi islands. There were we for 4 days, we lived on Paradise Pearl on Long Beach, and we have lived there before and will probably do what again once that really is lovely. Ken used a couple of the days to dive, and otherwise time with clean relaxation happened on the beach.

On Jan.10th. Took we a ferry to Ao Nang where we lived on Ao Nang Friendly Bungalow, a quite pleasant small place that we can also recommend.

January 11th. Took we so that one flies back to Bangkok where our new teeth lay and waited on us. We had to fly home to Denmark again the night between the 12nd and January 13th. Thus it was true perfectly that we the 11st could visit the dentist in the evening and on January 12th we had so all day to visit the old capital Ayuthaya. We lived on Samran Place again where they had been so sweet to store everything the luggage we needed not while we travelled around on the islands.

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