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This journey is a trip on 14 days, we have just bought a flight ticket to Phuket. We landed on Phuket in the morning the 9th Dec. We already had before we came to Thailand certainly us that we'd use this holiday for clean relaxation at the beach, so that we took a van as soon as we had been come out of the airport, directly to the harbour in Phuket Town. We were so lucky that it just was consistent with a ferry to the Phi Phi islands, thus we already were in Ton Sai a little over noon. We knew well it was only to be a stop on a day before we travelled further, because we had decided on that this trip was to go as far to the south as possible. Without however having fixed us on exactly where, but Langkawi Malaysia was well really the final goal. We had as already mentioned only bought a flight ticket so that the first we did when we came to Phi Phi, was to take place a to sleep at the night. When it was in December you couldn't choose freely on all shelves, but that can always let itself be done to find something to live in. We didn't just find a room far from the harbour for we knew that we had to go further with the ferry to Koh Lanta next morning. We had seen erroneously in the travel plan so that we thought that there left a ferry on from Lanta for Langkawi next day (10. Dec.) but it first the following day, consequently sailed it also turned into a single staying the night on Lanta, it did certainly neither anything for we, took place a lovely to stay overnight. Next morning we took the ferry and agreed on making a stop on a couple of days on Koh Lipe. It turned into the rest of the holiday that were simply so lovely and we met some beautiful human beings as a matter of fact Thomas and Stella, they were with the same boat as us and the fate wanted to that we rose to it the same place in order to hear whether they had a hut available. That was what they had, thus there took we 2 overnight stays, but already next day we found a hut at a considerably a little price only 300 Bath a day, it lay all the way down into the water's edge on Pataya Beach, so that it couldn't become better, and luckily there was 2 huts unemployed, so that we could become neighbours with Thomas and Stella. Koh Lipe is as Phi the Phi islands were 20 years ago, estimates calm and relaxed, it lies at Tarutao national park and is the only one of the 22 islands, which it consists of where you must live. The days go easily for there is the possibility to hire a boat (with the driver) and sail around between the different islands. There are some of the most fantastic Coral reef and millions with fish that also are the possibility to come out and dive for there, are more diver jumps' to choose in between. The water is crystal clear and sandy is completely white and likewise fine as icing sugar. Late in the afternoon there always is tournament in volleyball on the beach, where everybody is able to be along, and after dinner is there lots of small bars on the beach, where you can get a quiet bottle of beer or cocktail, if one likes that kind. If one are more large purchases and Discotheques are the not Koh Lipe one have to journey more for here are only the most necessary supermarket and a few stalls with a little clothes- and souvenir, and a couple of tattooists (that both Stella and Gitte visited). Well all has an end and it became time to travel home, thus we left the 22nd Dec. 8,30 the ferry left through Koh Lanta - Koh Phi Phi from there on for Phuket, where we took a staying the night, because the trip went back against Denmark again the 23rd Dec. early in the morning. Dear Stella and Thomas thanks for some fantastic days on Koh Lipe.
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