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Hi we are called Ken and Gitte Vinther, here are some pictures from our journeys. We have travelled in Thailand, Lao, Cambodia,  Malaysia and the Philippines and would like to give some "tips" to how easily you can travel around with backpack, in these countries. Thailand there is an incredibly easy country to travel in with backpack. We travel nearly always with the completely ordinary means of transportation like a bus and train; we have met so many beautiful and sweet people when we travel in this way. It's however a little more troublesome to travel on the Philippines, but however without the great problems, if you just remember to plan a little. In return we have never met so friendly human beings as on the Philippines. At the same time we'd like to send a greeting to all the beautiful people we have met on our journeys and of course to our beautiful family. If some had to feel like sending us a greeting or have something to ask about, are you very welcome to send us a Mail.
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